6 meaningful techniques to engage clinicians with health information technology

Six techniques your organization can employ now to minimize IT investment.

Edward Marx, the current SVP & CIO at Texas Health Resources closes the gap between technologists and clinicians with six simple techniques for health organizations. In his latest article featured in Modern Healthcare, Marx relates the processes and basic preparations to complete a climb with his climbing team of administrators and clinicians at his organization.  Inspired to complete six out of seven mountaintops each year, his team prepares by learning related skills, new tools (ice axe and crampons), and actions to take in order to minimize exposure (mindful of crevasses) and risk during their climbs.

These chasms (e.g., clinician buy-in, CPOE adoption, CDS compliance) are mere distractions in some cases, but in others, they’re fatal to the mission of the organization. To reach the mountaintop, we need to close the gap between technologists and clinicians.

“What is the cry of every healthcare organization that’s looking to climb new heights?”  Improve quality, enhance patient safety, and bend the cost curve!

How do we maximize these investments so we can accelerate IT adoptions toward its intended peak?

Clinical IT leadership
Have your IT initiatives led by a CMIO and a CNIO.

Clinical IT staff
Train clinicians to use IT than train technologist to be clinicians. More than 20% of his team members are certified clinicians.

Clinician engagement team
Have a quick reaction force that’s based in each facility with a strong focus on engaging clinicians.

Customer relationship management
Send your leadership team to work alongside clinicians (gather knowledge).

Physician leadership in IT
Make sure your IT decision making body is well represented by nurses and physicians.

Have your IT department spend one day per year shadowing a clinician. “This is how you link hearts to brains – another key to success” highlights Marx.

Marx shared these six meaningful techniques to encourage each healthcare organization to embrace these techniques to avoid risks, minimize exposure and continue the promise of healthcare information technology!

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