Trickle Up Economics

Trickle Up Economics By Rob Lamberts MD, First Posted at Musings of a Distractible Mind on 3/5/2013

It’s been a month since I started my new practice.  We are up to nearly 150 patients now, and aside from the cost to renovate my building, our revenue has already surpassed our spending.  The reason this is possible is that a cash-pay practice in which 100% of income is paid up front has an incredibly low overhead.  My admitted ineptitude at financial complexity has forced me to simplify our finances as much as possible.  This means that the accounting is “so simple even a doctor can do it,” which means I don’t need any front-office support staff.  I don’t send out bills because nobody owes me anything.  It’s just me and my nurse, focusing our energy on jury-rigging a computerized record so we can give good care.

Our attention to care has not gone unnoticed.  Yesterday I got a call from a local TV news reporter who wanted to do a story on what I am doing.  Apparently she heard rumor “from someone who was in the hospital.”  I was the talk of the newsroom, yet I’ve hardly done any marketing; in fact, I am trying to limit the rate of our growth so I can focus on building a system that won’t collapse under a higher patient volume.  I explained this to the disappointed reporter why I was not interested in the interview by telling her that I left my old practice because I needed to get off of the hamster wheel of healthcare; the last thing I want to do now is to build my own hamster wheel.

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