[INFOGRAPHIC FRIDAY] The Empowered E-Patient

As EHR implementation and adoption becomes more commonplace across the health care environment, providers are beginning to focus more on maximizing the value from their investment. Stakeholder engagement is a critical success factor for the effective use of EHRs and other health IT and patients are one of the last, and most important, groups to get involved in this process.  While EHRs continue to evolve and technologies like patient portals become more common, providers have the opportunity to drive improvements in quality by encouraging patients to become an active participant in their own care.



Health IT Infographic, the empowered e-patient, health care infographic

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  1. [...] "E-Patient" is a term used to describe individuals who use the Internet and other tools to seek out, share and sometimes create information about health and wellness. Common words used to describe E-Patients: 1.e-patient, 2.  [...]

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