General Overview of Pharmaceutical Market Today

In modern ever-changing world, the non-stop expansion and growth of pharma markets in the USA causes medication prices growth, which leaves massive groups of people bereaved of ability to purchase drugs at local drugstores and, as result look for alternative means. Some people end up making quick trips to countries nearby to buy the medicines from there or switch to online drugstores. As of today, there is a developing tendency among large groups of Americans to purchase meds from Canada due to its close proximity to America and also the high-quality drugs at lower price range in comparison with America. This ongoing tendency has stimulated some American politicians to try legalizing the import of Canadian drugs. However, as of now this legislation is yet to be accepted by the parliament and gain the legal power, since certain political and economic circumstance do not allow that to happen. Likewise, as can be seen, there are multiple attempts from American politicians to legalize the import of Canadian medications and make them available to the general public, as it has a huge economic potential within the pharmaceutical market and can benefit American citizens for sure. Nonetheless, Americans have no difficulties to purchase drugs from Canada in a legal manner, although there are still quite few drugstores available in Canada.

How Canadian Online Pharmacies Can Compete with Standard Drugstores


Although online pharmacies were representing only a small part of the whole healthcare products delivery systems in America and Canada, recently the growth has started increasing exponentially and has shown in overall the potential to take over a large sector of the healthcare system soon. For instance, series of independent surveys were conducted back in 2003 alongside with statistical data analysis to conclude that approximately 18% of US households preferred getting prescription meds online. Nevertheless, by 2004 the percentage has increased to 27%, and already by 2015 has reached 45%. Basically, the appropriate reasoning behind the swift growth of online drugstores and drugs delivery has no technophilic or technophobic origin. Technologically enhanced healthcare system, if controlled with responsibility, has significant potential to achieve remarkable and productive changes for the whole healthcare market.

Generally, online drugstores are motivated by demand arising from patients who search for drugs, which are not prescribed by physicians, (e.g. controlled substances, painkillers). Moreover, a specific fraction of customers tends to administer a certain medication during prolonged period, and are well versed in the drug specifications and only require to replenish the stock of drugs. Canadian online pharmacies do not distribute any drugs that are illegal and upon request can offer suitable consultation by healthcare providers to produce a prescription for a certain drug depending on health conditions of each patient.

Nonetheless, the lowered prices of medications across Canadian drugstores do not result in reduced quality of medications. Hence, all meds obtained from Canadian online drugstores fully comply the standards of quality and contain all required certificates. Many years of experience and expertise in business development have caused the whole process to improve and to meet the current standards of quality. Likewise, you can be completely certain that the order process, payment, subsequent delivery procedures, full privacy and security will be offered to every client, irrespective of income or volume of drugs purchased.

The big sector of prescription drugs can be obtained at low prices from online Canadian drugstores and show competitive advantage over expenses linked to purchase of drugs from standard drugstores. Obtaining medications from internet drugstores appears to be viable solution to help resolving health conditions regardless of high costs.