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Canadian Pharmacy Guidelines To Dealing With Customs Declarations

The booming trend of ordering drugs from Canadian Pharmacy In the United States, about 60% of personal bankruptcies come from medical bills that people are unable to pay. The excessively high cost of drugs is responsible for many of these bankruptcies. But the price of drugs could soon drop in the United States, with the consequence that it could rise […]

Going to Canada for Affordable Meds: Will It Last Long?

Are Canadian drugstores getting less popular in the USA? Is there anything that can change the Americans’ opinion about the pharmaceutical business within the borders of their motherland? Is there a chance to deal with the numerous problems caused by the absence of competitiveness in the pharmaceutical market? Let’s have a brief look at the issue. Have you ever been […]

7 Summer Bestsellers at My Canadian Pharmacy

When you are prescribed some kind of a medication, you are likely to use it on a continuous basis all year round. Consequently, you are constantly monitoring its supply and replenishing it, when needed. No doubt, in the case of the drugs, which you take regularly, you can safely make purchases in advance at an online pharmacy during the sale […]

The Biosimilar Drug Policy in Canada: Will Such Products Gain Popularity in the Near Future?

As of now, the expenses on covering the costs of biologic medications constitute about 30% of the general sum, which Canada spends on prescription drugs. At the same time prescriptions for such medicines take only 2% of the general quantity. The reason is skyrocketing prices. And that is the problem, which must be dealt with expeditiously. But first things first, […]

Can One Buy Prescription Drugs Safely Online?

Increased presence of pharmacy businesses online For the majority of millenials and people from generation X shopping is associated with something you do from your computer or your smartphone, unless it is about groceries. Older generations find online shopping less and less intimidating with every year, according to Pharmacy multiples, big chains and independent brands compete for their spotlight […]

My Canadian Pharmacy Hails the Prospect of Japan Collaborating with China on Generics

My Canadian Pharmacy continually monitor the situation in the ever-changing global pharmaceutical market to keep our customers informed on the latest industry news and trends. Eisai has recently announced its intention to team up with another pharma behemoth Nichi-Iko to saturate the Chinese pharmaceutical market with affordable and top-quality generic medications. The two companies agreed that Nichi-Iko would deliver its […]

Exemptions from the requirement to have health insurance

In the following article, we will help you to figure out if you qualify for a Health Insurance Coverage Exemption. Until recently, under the Affordable Care Act, it used to be required for most citizens to have insurance that would qualify as minimum essential coverage or else to pay a federal tax penalty for proceeding without it. There used to be two ways to […]