Customer Reviews of the Products and Services

I’ve been using this service for about 5 years already. And I choose it for the prices. When I bought my medicines at a usual pharmacy, I had to find $ 500 every month. And now I spend just $100.


I tried Generic Viagra 2 months ago. And it worked at once. Just one pill. The sex was much longer and better, and my wife was happy. So, now I take Viagra every time. Here it costs less than a dollar, so, I can easily afford that.


When I was 52, I had some problems with sex, and my doctor prescribed me Viagra. It helped, but it cost too much, I could not afford it on a regular basis. Then I saw My Canadian Pharmacy on the Internet, and it turned out that Generic Viagra was much cheaper. I read reviews and decided to try a small package. And I liked it, it worked as well. So, now I buy 360 pills once in two years, and that doesn’t cost me a fortune.


I order from this website every 3 months. I found it 2 years ago, our neighbor told me about it. She said that prices were much lower here. My medicines for hypertension and heart were so expensive, that I could barely afford them. My pension is not so high. Besides, my husband also needs sleeping pills that are expensive enough. So, I decided to have a look at the website. I was surprised with the prices, but decided to try. I bought the generic version of my medicines, and they worked as usual. So, now, I keep on buying medicines for myself and my husband here and recommend it to my friends.


I was prescribed Cialis, when I was 47. But when I asked about its price at the pharmacy, I was shocked. I had heard about generics before and decided to search on the Internet. I visited several websites, but they did not look serious enough. There were no customers’ reviews or contact details. And then I saw My Canadian Pharmacy. I checked reviews, and most of them were positive, so, I decided to try it. I ordered a small package and got it in a week. I took the first pill before our wedding anniversary, and we liked the effect, both me and my wife. And the effect lasted for the whole weekend.


I ordered Viagra by Pfizer here about 2 weeks ago. The delivery was fast enough. I got it in the USA in 3 days. The pills looked like those from a usual pharmacy, but the price was 2 times lower. I tried them, and the effect was the same. Now I want to try Generic Viagra, I saw that it was much cheaper.


I bought the generic version of my heart pills 3 times here. And I didn’t notice any problems. I got my orders just in a couple of days, and the price was much lower.


My diabetes Glucotrol pills got so expensive, that my kids had to buy them for me. But then my daughter offered to order them on the Internet from a Canadian website. She showed me everything, and now I buy all the pills I need on myself. And the price is always much lower.


The website is great. The prices are low. The delivery is fast. The medicines work properly. So, I recommend it.


I buy my contraceptive pills here. They are much cheaper here, and the delivery takes less than a week.


I put an order every 3 months. I buy medicines for my heart and for my stomach. The prices are two times cheaper than in the USA. And the delivery takes just 3 days.


I saw this website a year ago and ordered tablets for my stomach. They cost two times less here. I tried them, and they worked well. So, I decided to use the website again. And now I buy both my stomach and my heart pills here.


I started to lose my hair about a year ago, when I was just 43. I didn’t want to have a bald head, so, I turned to my doctor. He recommended Propecia, he told me it would help, but the price was high enough. So, my wife suggested that I should check on the Internet. And I saw that at My Canadian Pharmacy the price was two times cheaper. The website looked fine, and the reviews were positive, so, I took the risk. And everything was OK. I got my package in just 5 days and started the course. Just a month later I noticed the results, so, I kept on taking the pills and ordered an additional package.


I am allergic to blossom. And I take Claritin several months a year. Sure, that takes much money, but I cannot do without it. So, when I saw the website of My Canadian Pharmacy, I decided to check the prices there. And I was surprised, the difference was about 50%. Sure, I placed an order without hesitation and saved $100. I’ve already got the package, and everything is fine. It works properly. No problems.


I started to take Generic Viagra a month ago. And I was surprised with the effect. I noticed it just after the first pill. So, I keep on taking it when I plan to have a romantic night with my wife. And it works every time. As for all the other time, there are no problems, it works when we are in bed only.