My Canadian Pharmacy is the leading online pharmacy aimed to promote qualitative pharmaceutical products on the market involving the manufacturing leaders and experts from the healthcare industry. The growth and use of offers are reached by making people aware of drug efficiency, and further on, by transforming expensive products into affordable ones.

Through the various collaborations, we provide information on how remedies can be applied to, their full description along with the inside out of the pros and cons, functionality, safety, and quality.

We Help

As of now, we provide offers that may educate and show how brand new technologies and solutions contribute to the healthcare of different groups of people. How one or another remedy may not only help to cure the problem but enhances wellbeing and boosts self-esteem. We increase the patient awareness collaborating with top pharmacists, healthcare specialists, industry leaders in pharmaceutical production, focus groups, topic-specific committees, and other platforms that are trusted by people.


Since 2003 until now, our pharmacy successfully has held more than 500 series of events and programs organized to promote the latest trends in the pharmaceutical market. 2020 will start with a few conferences and webinars about the affordability of medications in ALA countries.


MCP researches the productivity of competitors along with the industry itself to reach the golden mean in quality and affordability of products.


We provide resources for partners and clients who want to know-how solutions and devices can work, affect the quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to make people knowledgeable about cheap but qualitative medications presented in the online market. We distribute them, recommend, and give full insight into any possible issues connected to their application. The results reached by our clients are our best feedback. And, we never stop to make remedies even more accessible to people with different paying capacities.

Collaborate With Us

Leaders, policymakers, innovators, providers, and other representatives? Contact us to get the best practices and future trends at various conferences.

Providing Resources

Need tools, knowledge, or resources to navigate the pharmaceutical industry? Reach them upon collaborating with our top advisers.

Industry Research

We do work with other professionals and academic institutions that may help us to provide clients with new ideas and perspectives about the brand new medications.

Investment Trends

My Canadian Pharmacy has a designated investor community where more than 10 current partners do not only invest in pharmaceutical solutions but yield the fruits together with us. Our main profit is the wide clients’ database. Join the place of happy people.

Fostering Innovation

Providing a reliable platform for communication and opportunities for entrepreneurs, leads, and technologists to engage pharmaceutical stakeholders.

We Engage Multiple Stakeholders

Hospitals and other pharmaceutical providers; Clinical groups; Educational and research institutions; Healthcare organizations; Pharmaceutical investors; Health plans; Consumer and patient groups; Employers and suppliers; Private sector stakeholders; Public sector stakeholders.