Every customer of online pharmacy has this major concern about the safety of the information that they share with the drugstore of their choice. This need for confidence and anonymity is one of the basic requirements for any e-commerce service to operate in bona fide mode, but when it comes down for mail-ordering products for healthcare, it gains this specific topicality.

Immaculate system of customer data protection

With our online drugstore, this need for privacy and confidentiality is respected at every stage of your ordering process. The information you share with us is never going to leave the confinements of this website. We operate in line with the national legal requirements for processing and storage of personal data. The staff members handling your sensitive information are trained to respect the safety protocols linked to the protection of customer information.

Our payroll includes a team of experienced IT specialists who make sure that the website and the embedded webshop are void of any vulnerabilities. The technologies employed for keeping your information protected are regularly updated and maintained with accuracy and precision. This makes the risk of data theft barely existent.

You can request removing your information from our database at any time. To do so, contact our Customer Support in any way that you find convenient. You will be required to be able to prove your identity in case of such a request.

Anonymity of purchase

A major advantage of shopping for drugs online is the unmatched level of privacy offered by e-commerce players. Canadian Pharmacy is in the vanguard of this tradition protecting the confidentiality of health matters. Local pharmacy chains can hardly guarantee any such anonymity for the simple reason of being public places, where every query made can be easily overheard. In dealings with sensitive health matters, our e-drugstore is your safest bet.

We will not disclose the nature of the products you ordered from us at any stage of the ordering process. The billing information will not contain any details about the goods you used your card paying for. The package will be plain, non-transparent, and marked with nothing but your name and the delivery address. In line with the law regulations, we will not contact your healthcare practitioner or any other official service, communicating the particulars of your order with our company.

Anti-spam policy

At our website, you have the option of signing up for newsletters, a highly informative and impactful service designed to keep customers updated on the matters they are interested in. This is our basic tool for spreading the word about upcoming seasonal and other sales, promotions, giveaways, etc. As often as not, you will find an individual discount code for a specific range of products you have shown interest in included in your newsletter. What our newsletter is not is a solicitation to make a quick sale. This is why our newsletters are opt-for and can be opted out of in a few simple steps.

This said the problem of spamming in the industry cannot be underestimated. Many unscrupulous services see the sphere of sexual health as an opportunity to sell hard and make quick money, undermining customer trust in authentic pharmacy businesses like ours. To make matters worse, the name of our drugstore is often used as a ploy to lull the vigilance of our long-time customers. This is identity theft and is punishable by law; we encourage our shoppers to report such instances, including the email address used for distribution of junk emails, and the domain such messages link to. As a sure means of staying safe, we remind you to always check the domain name of the pharmacy you are going to place an order at. This is the only website associated with our service; be wary of any possible derivative names used to cone customers into trusting an untrustworthy store.