Our drugstore is consistently praised as the Web’s most honest price setter. This is exactly how we came around – we detect the need for medications based on thorough research, and come up with the best answers to long-standing problems of pharmacy business overpricing. Since our service has been initially designed to bring better prices, one can say that we have been a huge success. But not only because we find and deliver the best products at the lowest prices.

The secret to our true competitive advantages is that we do not only discover generic drugs for popular brand medications, shaving off up to 75% of the original cost. We completely reimagine the approach to shopping savings with an elaborate system of customer economy tools.

This is what you can benefit from if you would like to save even more with your pharmacy purchases:

  • Find a discount code on the product page of our pharmacy and redeem it at the checkout
  • Subscribe to our newsletter, receiving first-row access to the best deals and sales
  • In the same newsletter, look for promotional codes and coupons
  • Request an individual discount code when shopping big
  • Don’t forget to choose between 4 pills of the two most popular drugs added as a bonus to every order
  • Consider purchasing bigger packages, saving on per-item price and shipping fees
  • Save on the shipping charges by placing bigger orders
  • Think of acquiring shipping insurance that will guarantee reshipping in case of any issues
  • Make use of our free medical consultation service

We hope that you will find your ideal tool for dialing up the savings with My Canadian Pharmacy, but there is absolutely nothing that stops you from using all of them at once, a practice that can help you save up to 5-30% of our original (and already highly economic) price!