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My Canadian Pharmacy: 17 Years of Offering Proven Drugs

Dating back to the early aughts, our company is an heir to a physical store that we started from. The online version of our service felt like a major step into the unknown, when our board members voted for going “from bricks to clicks” and closing down the actual pharmacy in Ontario. However, the risks felt all too justified, because the gains were all about answering the most exigent demands that we could identify among our demographics: the need in lower-cost healthcare items, the need in better confidentiality, the need of additional services and the freedom of doing the shopping chores at their convenience and on their terms.

As a matter of fact, shopping with My Canadian Pharmacy no longer feels like a chore, being a laid-back and simply accomplished process. IHT has been developing by leaps and bounds ever since its first launch online in the memorable 2003. We have celebrated many a milestone since that time, every mark bringing us closer to the perfectly balanced and innovative set of digital tools aimed at proffering health and making it easily accessible to everyone.

How to place an order

It doesn’t matter if you are used to clicking home your hauls or if you are a novice to online shopping; buying drugs online using My Canadian pharmacy service is a purely intuitive experience. This is how you proceed about it:

  • Find the right products by using the search tool or by category.
  • Choose the required dosage and send the item to your shopping cart. You can adjust the number of packages on the Shopping Cart page.
  • Go to the Check Out page, where you can give us your details for paying for and receiving the order. Choose shipping and payment options.
  • If you have a promotion code, use it on this page for additional savings!
  • Scan your order details and personal information for eventual errors. Confirm your order.
  • Check your email for order confirmation and wait for your order to ship in!

More than 20 million happy customers – this is why:

Quality healthcare is composed of several parameters: unquestionable quality of products, economical accessibility, efficacy in delivery. We excel on every score.

My Canadian Pharmacy practices a proactive approach towards meeting customers’ needs. We are active listeners and strategists when it comes to detecting the requirements and expectations that you have from us, and we apply our expertise and experience to make your vision of a perfect pharmacy. We offer drugs from reliable manufacturers whose prices promote measurable savings, and we run a host of services that add value to every item on our formulary. A drugstore you depend on; solutions you can benefit from.

  • Your backup plan for when your insurance doesn’t cover your needs The prohibitive cost of medications is a problem that many of use face when we have to pay for drugs that don’t make a part of insurance coverage, whenever we approach the notorious “doughnut hole” of our insurance plan, or when we don’t have any health insurance at all.
  • The discount drug plan that makes measurable difference – up to 70% off This drugstore was created to help you buy drugs at affordable prices. By saying “affordable” we don’t mean “a couple of dollars less than at the pharmacies of your city”. What we mean is that we find solutions for you to buy drugs at the prices that fit into your budget without leaving.
  • Proactive care: informational support on prevention and new treatments Our additional services include keeping you informed and aware about your health and therapies available for your condition. We also offer individual consultations on drug applications and other health-related matters.
  • A warranty of safety, quality and full confidentiality Finally, we will make sure that you receive your order confidentially and safely, wherever you are ordering from. To sum it up, our company gives a full guarantee of drug authenticity, low price and customer satisfaction.

Our Specialty

Ihealth Tran has a strong focus on men’s health drugs, and for a good reason. We bridge the gap between the importance of sexual health as an indispensable component of general wellbeing and the failure of healthcare authorities to provide insurance coverage or adequate pricing for popular men’s health drugs.

My Canadian Pharmacy cooperates with the world’s leaders in generic manufacturing, which enables us to bring you a choice of drugs that are assorted to the fault, and at the lowest price on the market. From the legendary blue pill Viagra or the newest addition to the family of PDE5 inhibitors, the innovative Stendra, we got your needs covered. For every popular medication, we have an impressive assortment of generic analogs that are every bit as safe as the original preparation, and many times outperform the brand-name drug by providing additional convenience of use.

As the result of well-coordinated work between our supply and sales departments, and thanks to the tried algorithm of multi-point quality checking, we are able to offer you what others cannot, namely:

  • The best choice of drugs for ED and other sexual issues online
  • Only approved drugs of verified quality produced in line with ISO 2001:9000
  • Free online consultations by leading urologists, andrologists and sexologists

Our Team

Great challenges can be shouldered when there is great man force put together. My Canadian Pharmacy is not an abstract company distributing drugs and related services; it is a well-coordinated work of people passionate about their job. The goal is to leave our workplace slightly better than it was when we came to the office in the morning. Everyone on our payroll is motivated for qualitative change and meaningful results of our working, achieved on daily basis.

The proverbial team work starts with the managerial part and hiring policy. Our recruitment principles are completely devoid of bias of any kind, we always pay attention to the professional qualities of our applicants, their personal traits that are resonant with our Company’s beliefs, and a spark of creativity. We are open for suggestions from our employees, a tradition that has helped us to never stop evolving over the years, becoming better than any possible competition.

There are specialists to take care of every part making up the supply and distribution processes. Whether there is a need for actual pharmacist assistance when you place your order with us or not, you can be sure that a work of numerous specialists has been involved in making your experience smooth, seamless and hassle-free.

Mail-Order Drugs

The quality of our supply is always impeccable, this is the basis for our work as a pharmacy. One can arguably compromise on the quality of other merchandise ordered on the Web, but when it comes to healthcare products, pristine accuracy is required at picking the suppliers.

You can order almost any drug and its generic through our service. The items we offer are comprehensibly organized by category, and every product is available in a diversified scope of drug forms, dosage strengths and package sizes.

You can find the most popular and under-radar drugs in the following categories:

  • men’s health drugs
  • weight loss drugs
  • anticholesterol drugs
  • women’s health drugs
  • antiretroviral drugs
  • antibiotics and antivirals
  • antihistamines / antiallergy drugs
  • stomach health drugs
  • skincare products
  • eye care products
  • heart health drugs
  • hair loss drugs

You won’t find a better service than ours, because…

  • 100% payment safety and confidentiality
  • Quality control and hand-picked best deals
  • Mobile app
  • Rigid anti-spam policy
  • Daily Health Tips
  • No hidden costs incurred during payment
  • Only approved drugs on the formulary
  • 24/7 support ready to answer any questions
  • International shipping + Express delivery

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