For all the inquiries related to the distribution of pharmaceutical products, or collaboration and partnership matters, any party may refer to a designated advisory team. Keep in mind, the executive team, in turn, does not directly proceed with the consulting services until the question is their area of the interest. First off, turn to one of the next committee representatives and discuss in detail what offers, bothering questions, or complaints you do have.

Mark Michael

Online Techonologies Partner

Mark is a dedicated expert in IT technologies since 2000. He graduated from the American University and obtained the degree in Computer Science. For ten years he studied the impact of digital innovations on different businesses when in 2010 he started a prolific collaboration with one of the pharmaceutical company in Canada. From then onwards, he is considered to be an accomplished specialist in providing professional webinars for all the parties involved in the healthcare industry.

Mercy Lean

Security Officer

Mercy is a person who guards all the policies and procedures connected to the drug distribution and their promotion on the website. She graduated from the Japanese University and obtained a degree in Healthcare Management. From 2003, she joined the team and until now monitors all the issues connected to the safety of products.

Dylan Mask

Chief Quality Officer

Dylan is the person who is behind the curtain of quality. Before, promoting any services or advises, he strictly monitors their compliance with the governmental and manufacturer rules. He graduated from the Canada University in Dubai, and obtained a degree in Pharmaceutical Engineering. Besides, when working in the UAE, Dylan visited various training dedicated to the quality of drugs, and now he also provides consultations for all the employees and partners who work with us.

Bobby Lonn

Loyalty Program Officer

Interested to get to know more about the Loyalty program or bonuses? Bobby will be the first person who knows inside out of all the promotions presented in the healthcare market. He will help partners, patients, providers, and regular clients to choose the best solutions. He graduated from the UK medical university where obtained a degree in Surgery. From 2010, he joined our team and works on various programs allowing people to get more profit.

If you still look for another expert, please do contact the customer support, and the operator will redirect your inquiry to designated team.