Each year, iHT hosts a series of programs that facilitate a knowledge exchange and address needed improvements in the quality, safety, and efficiency of health care through information technology. This summit will bring together over 200 C-level, IT decision makers, physicians, and practice managers from leading provider organizations for for two days of interaction with a national audience of peers, thought leaders, and solution providers at one of Denver’s finest hotels, the Sheraton Downtown.

Health IT Summit, Denver Topics Include:

  • Strategies for Advancing Interoperability
  • Big Data Check-Up
  • Moving the Needle on Patient Care with Population Health Management
  • EMR Optimization: How to Use the EMR to Improve Quality and Reduce Costs
  • Building a Healthcare Security Strategy for the Future
  • And MORE

Conference Program Highlights

  • Moving the Needle on Patient Care with Population Health Management
  1. • Evaluate how hospitals use population health to manage continuous patient care
  2. • Identify key tools that make population health effective
  3. • Discuss care coordination and community collaboration efforts
  • Telehealth: Colorado and Beyond
  1. • Discuss the current and future states of telehealth in Colorado and beyond
  2. • Discuss telehealth policies at the federal and state level
  3. • Identify strategies and tools that break down barriers to the expansion of telehealth
  4. • Identify outstanding issues that impact telehealth delivery and reimbursement
  • Making Analytics an Organizational Imperative
  1. • Learn examples of how data-driven healthcare improvement impacts strategic priorities
  2. • Lessons learned on improving care
  3. • Getting stakeholder buy-in for data-driven medicine
  4. • Understand the most basic and advanced tools necessary to establish a data strategy