What types of medications does your online pharmacy offer?

Our pharmacy offers a wide selection of best-selling Rx and OTC medications from both brand and generic manufacturers. In My Canadian Pharmacy, customers can also replenish their supplies of non-medicinal products, herbal supplements, and vitamins, all of the top-notch quality and available at a very favorable price.

How do I place an order with My Canadian Pharmacy?

Placing an order with our pharmacy online is a quick and hassle-free process. Browse our handy catalog of products to find the medication you need, add what you have selected to your cart, and fill in the required information about yourself and your order details, including what payment method you prefer. As soon as it is done, our managers will process the order and, if everything is correct, approve it. It usually takes us around 7 business days to ship the medications over to you; however, the delivery might take place sooner or be delayed due to some factors we have no control over. You will be able to monitor your package on its way to you by using the tracking code we will provide if you choose this method (currently only available for the customers in the U.S.).

Please note that for all Rx drugs that you can purchase from us, we will require a valid prescription from your doctor. Make sure you can provide us with one before you start placing an order online. If our managers need further clarification regarding the document you have sent us, they will contact you directly.

What if I forget to order a timely refill?

If you are concerned that you might forget to timely refill your prescription and do not want to risk running out of your meds and, thus, interrupting your treatment course, check out our automatic refill option. Once you have placed your first order for a particular medicine, all further refills can be handled automatically and shipped to you at specified intervals.

If you prefer to place a new order every time you need a refill, we can send notifications reminding you when it is time to get one.

Do I need a prescription from my doctor to buy medicines in your online pharmacy?

We require our clients who seek to purchase Rx drugs to provide us with a valid prescription from a licensed medical practitioner. My Canadian Pharmacy also offers a large assortment of OTC drugs and generic medications, all of which are available without a prescription.

We always encourage our customers to visit their physician for proper medical consultation before buying or using any new medicines, even if those are available over-the-counter.

Can you advise me on which medications I should use to treat my health problem?

We do not give medical advice to our customers and will not suggest treatment options for a particular disease instead of a licensed physician. We can only make sure the drugs you are buying from us are safe, high quality, and affordable.

If you already know what medication you need, our expert consultants can offer you more information on this drug, including its therapeutic uses, known side effects, contraindications, possible interactions with other meds, available dosage strengths, etc.

Does your pharmacy have special offers or provide any discounts to its longstanding customers?

While we already have some of the lowest prices for medications among all Canadian online pharmacies, we still manage to provide our customers with discounts and special daily offers on some of the most popular meds. Regularly check our website for more information on the ongoing special deals.

Will I be refunded if my order arrives incomplete or damaged?

Should your ordered medications arrive incomplete, damaged, or otherwise faulty, please get in touch with our support team within 7 days following such delivery. We can provide a refund or exchange the goods under the provisions of our existing Refunds and Returns Policy.

Can I order an overseas shipment of drugs from your online pharmacy?

We ship our drugs all over Canada and internationally. Use the website or call our managers to check if we deliver medications to your particular country.

How to pay for the order?

There are a few payment methods available to our customers. They include paying with Visa or MasterCard, using a debit card, or carrying out electronic transfers via the eCheck service.

What is the difference between generics and branded meds? Which ones work better?

While we have plenty of branded drugs on offer, our online pharmacy primarily specializes in selling generic medications. Most people feel a little concerned when it comes to choosing between expensive brand-name products and cheaper, less-known generic versions.

We can assure our customers that all the generics found on our website are safe, approved for medical use in people, and in every way on par with their branded counterparts. Having the same active drug substance and providing the same therapeutic benefits, these medications only differ in their appearance, name, and, of course, their price.

If your doctor believes a particular drug substance will be safe and effective for your condition, ask him about the possibility to replace the costly branded medicine with a reliable and cheaper generic drug containing the same active ingredient.

Are generic medicines illegal?

The generic manufacturers that we do business with wait for the drug patent to expire before they start producing their cheaper analogs. Therefore, all generic drugs found in our pharmacy are manufactured legally and in full compliance with the existing safety regulations approved in this industry.

Why do generic drugs look different from their branded counterparts if they are essentially the same?

Even when the patent for the drug expires, the original product is still protected by copyright law, meaning that generic manufacturers cannot reproduce its exact copy and are legally obliged to make their product look different. However, this only applies to the appearance and name of the generic drug, while its active ingredients, medical indications, therapeutic properties remain the same.

What kind of consultations do you provide to your customers online?

We do not give medical advice to our customers, but can help them obtain more information about the drug, its medical uses, side effects, contraindications, etc. We also can inform our customers about the availability of a particular branded medication, and suggest its cheaper generic analogs that they can then discuss with their doctor.

Is my personal information safe with you? Do you share it with anyone?

We take great care to protect your privacy and data confidentiality. Any information you provide to us over the website, including your name, address, financial details, medical history, or the medications you select, is properly encrypted and never shared with any third party.

Do I need a doctor’s prescription to purchase OTC meds, vitamins, dietary supplements, or herbals?

You do not need a prescription to purchase any OTC drugs, generic medications, or herbal supplements found on our website. However, we strongly advise you to check with your doctor to see if a particular non-prescription medication is suitable and safe for you.

Why are there so many kinds of ED meds? Are they new treatments?

All of the branded and generic ED medications that we offer belong to the class of drugs known as PDE5 inhibitors and are safe to use for the treatment of erectile problems in men. Some of them have been available for many years, while others have been developed only recently. The mechanism of action is the same for all of these drugs, but their unique properties differ.

Thus, Viagra and generic sildenafil are the most commonly prescribed ED drugs in the world, trusted by millions of men. The Cialis group of medications offers an incredibly long duration of action of up to 36 hours. Branded Levitra and generic vardenafil are well tolerated by elderly men and patients with diabetes, while the avanafil-containing meds tend to have the fewest side effects of all.

Depending on your individual treatment needs, your doctor will help you choose the most appropriate ED treatment medication, while we will make sure this purchase will not set you back financially.

Why do I have to see a doctor if all I want is quick on-demand help with my erectile dysfunction symptoms?

To choose the most suitable and safest ED treatment option, professional consultation from a physician is required. Only your physician can informedly tell you, which drug is indicated in your particular condition, warn you about the side effects that you can expect and unwanted drug interactions you should avoid, and of course, advise you on the appropriate dosage of the medication.

Remember that even one-time unsupervised self-administration of a potent ED medication can have severe and possibly life-threatening consequences for your health. Do not take that risk and see your doctor first!