Get to know everything related to the pharmaceutical industry. Information on the best practices and guidelines for patient engagement. Analysis and research on the strategies aimed to enhance the accessibility of medication.

Purpose of Program

The purpose of the Patient Engagement Program is to help key stakeholders in solving the issues and identifying opportunities related to the healthcare market. Working with providers and various pharmaceutical leaders will allow focus on the latest trends, and the impact of medications on different segments of the population. Besides, it encompasses the ways to enhance the awareness about reliable methods of treatment and the delivery of care. A designated action group will provide a full picture and recommendations concerning the industry. It consists of individuals, providers, vendors, suppliers with a legal, academic, and advocacy background.

The mission of the Group

The main mission is to provide information for industry leaders about increased patient engagement. The group deals with the analysis of the market, and its further improvement in the quality of care. It prepares the resources, tools, practices, recommendations, surveys, and guidelines on patient engagement.