We are a trusted online provider of pharmaceutical services that fully understands, embraces, and acts on its commitment to help customers improve their health by providing them with a wide range of top-quality, safe, and affordable medications. We are conscious of the immense responsibility that comes with such a commitment; therefore, we take a great deal of care to ensure that we do not distribute or enable the distribution of illegal or narcotic drugs and controlled substances.

What choice of drugs does our online pharmacy offer?

In My Canadian Pharmacy, customers can find a large selection of Rx and OTC medications, non-medicinal products, and herbal supplements. We offer well-known branded drugs as well as their approved generic versions to give our clients more flexibility in choosing the right treatment option that will suit their individual therapeutic needs and financial capabilities.

How we handle prescription-only medicines

Any Rx medicinal drug found in our pharmacy can only be purchased, providing that there is a valid prescription from a licensed physician. Customers can pass their prescriptions by regular mail or by fax, attach digital copies to their orders, or have their doctor contact us and send the prescription directly.

Before approving the order for any Rx medicine, our specialists will check the validity of each prescription and contact the customer if further clarification is needed. Should the status of the prescription change after they have already placed the order with our online service, customers are obliged to inform the pharmacy immediately; otherwise, the shipping of such medications will be stopped.

How we handle OTC and generic medicines

Customers do not need to provide a prescription for over-the-counter medications and the majority of generic drugs sold in My Canadian Pharmacy, but we strongly encourage everyone to consult their doctor and get proper medical advice before they purchase their medicines online. Please be aware that self-diagnosing and self-prescription of medications can be extremely dangerous.

Here are the most popular types of branded and generic Rx medications that you can buy from us at a very agreeable price:

  • ADHD medications
  • Allergy medications
  • Analgesic medications
  • Antibiotics
  • Antidepressants
  • Angina drugs
  • Antifungals
  • Antiviral meds
  • Antidiabetic treatments
  • Birth control medications
  • Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation drugs
  • Hair-loss medicines
  • Hormonal drugs
  • Immunosuppressants
  • Weight-loss medicines

This is not a complete list of branded and generic prescription medications we can offer, so feel free to browse our extensive online catalog or contact our managers for more information on the availability of a particular medicine. Also, visit the official website of the Canadian Government and check out its Health section to learn more about the existing Rx drug regulations, safety policies, medical conditions, and available treatments.

While we do not offer medical advice to our customers and will not order treatments instead of a licensed medical practitioner, we are always happy to help you find the right medication or suggest a therapeutically equivalent but cheaper replacement that you can then discuss with your doctor. You can reach out to our pharmaceutical experts who are accessible 24/7 to answer any of your questions regarding the uses, side effects, contraindications, and interactions of a particular drug.

What are the benefits of Automatic Refill?

For any therapy to work properly, it is important that patients strictly adhere to their therapeutic regimens. To facilitate the treatment and ensure its continuity, we introduced the automatic refill option, with which you will always be reminded about the oncoming prescription refill time and have your medications shipped over to you automatically. All that is expected of you is to inform us of any changes to your prescription status without a delay.

If you do not wish to take advantage of our convenient automatic refill option and choose to place an order for your meds yourself every time your supply is nearly exhausted, we can pack and deliver the drugs to you within 5-7 days upon the confirmation and approval of the order.

Why do some online pharmacies sell Rx meds over-the-counter?

Online pharmacies, which offer you to buy regulated substances or prescription-only medications without asking for a written confirmation from a licensed medical practitioner, are a sham. Not only do they operate illegally, but they also care very little, if at all, about the safety and well-being of their customers.

Please note that our US-based and other foreign customers need to pay attention to their countries’ medicine control and management policies. The use of some Rx medications approved for sale on the territory of Canada may be restricted or forbidden on the territory of other countries.