My Canadian Pharmacy (MCP) keeps control of all the data obtained from clients, patients, partners, and processed with us on the website. The non-disclosure terms and agreements received upon joining the team or starting the collaboration with us. The privacy policy, in turn, will concern any service or product provided by our team. By accepting the regulation, both parties can proceed with mutual work-related questions.

The data we gather

The data gathered on the Site falls into two classes: (A) data that you give when you participate in exchanges on the Site, register for the Site, or enlist as an MCP member, and (B) data accumulated about how you explore the Site.

Data that you give while taking part in exchanges on the Site, enlisting for the Site, or selecting as an MCP member.

If you are an MCP member, we just gather individual information you deliberately submit to us, and the kinds of the individual information we gather may change dependent on the exchange, projects, administrations, and items you wish to take part in, however by and large incorporates the accompanying:

  • Name
  • Street number
  • Phone number
  • Fax number
  • Email address

Extra statistic data, for example, work on setting, work capacity, and permit number are not required.

You may likewise give, at your alternative, an optional location, phone number, or fax number. For instance, you may provide your place of residence, phone, and fax numbers as your essential contact data and a street number, phone, and fax number as your auxiliary contact data.

At the point when you put in a request on the Site, we may likewise gather data you give about another person to whom you wish to dispatch items. We don’t impart this data to outside gatherings but to the degree important to finish that request.


My Canadian Pharmacy does not represent or warrant that a product or item advertised on this site will always be available, and will confirm deliveries depending on the product or item availability.

MCP assumes no liabilities for the use of any products supplied. It lies on the purchaser to use them under the guidance of a physician.

Prices are subjected to changes according to international currency rates and price changes by manufacturer, supplier without prior notice.

The availability of products is subject to change without prior notice.

Keep in mind, all the articles posted on our website, or advice from our employees are solely for informational purposes. Besides, we do not conduct medical consultations, and all the matters regarding the Loyalty programs and partnerships are only discussed by contacting the dedicated teams. Their list one can find on the Advisory Committee page.

The producer of every item is exclusively responsible for any guarantee related to an item. To the maximum degree allowed by law, MCP repudiates any guarantees and conditions, express or inferred, regarding the items and services examined by these terms and conditions including, without confinement, suggested guarantees and states of merchantability and qualification for a specific reason. MCP obligation regarding claims regarding the items is restricted to the substitution of the item.

Security Terms

We secure all the data of our clients and affiliate parties by designated agreement and if referring to our online community by protective measures. However, the security of all the information processed via email and other interaction methods cannot be fully guaranteed.

How we secure the data you submit on the Site?

We undertake all commercially reasonable measures to guarantee that the data you give to us is secured against misfortune, abuse, change, demolition, or unapproved get to. To forestall unapproved get to, keep up information exactness, and guarantee the right utilization of data, we have set up monetarily sensible physical, electronic, and administrative methods to protect and verify the data we gather on the web.

The data stored in your profile is protected by the client name and the password you created when you’re My Canadian Pharmacy account was made. You may change your client name and password whenever signing onto the Site, clicking “Login” and then “Create a New Password.” You are urged to change passwords intermittently and to secure your client name and secret key as you would other by and by touchy data.

At whatever point you are done utilizing the Site, you are urged to log out by tapping the “log out” button situated on the landing page and most different pages inside the Site. To keep others from getting to your record data, it is especially essential to log out on the off chance that you are utilizing a mutual or openly available PC.

All data that you give on the Site is stored in a database on servers that use both programming and physical measures to prevent unauthorized access.

Bank cards and other individual data that you give on the Site are transmitted over the web utilizing a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) association. SSL is the business standard strategy for securing classified web correspondences, for example, Visa numbers, online structures, and monetary information, from interference and hacking.

While MCP finds a way to verify your data gathered on the Site, you can take your measures to protect the data gathered on the Site. Nonetheless, you ought to know that despite the security strategies that MCP utilizes, no security framework is impervious nor would we be able to ensure that the data you give won’t be caught while being transmitted over the web or living on or through the Site. You ought to take note of that even though it is unlawful to block, unveil, or generally get to these messages and information under Federal law, email is not secure, so you should not use this method for passing sensible information.

Secure drug delivery

One of MCP`s major business areas is the transportation of medications. As quickly as time permits and at competitive prices, we convey meds to any corner of the planet.

Our advantages are:

  • An exact timeline, high quality, and safety of freight conveyance;
  • Up-to-date technically advanced own fleet;
  • Agreeable pricing;
  • Expert staff.

The quality and safety of the conveyed products is constantly the main focus of our organization. Our specialists will deal with dependable and appropriate bundling and cautious transportation of your request made via MCP. Our organization performs the transportation of drugs in Canada and the U.S., as well as other countries. Brief execution of requests is one of the key advantages of our association. We arrange expedited service the world over in record time.

If you have more inquiries concerning our activity, please do not hesitate to contact the support team or dedicated teams working in the security department. Beware, before turning to work with us or getting access to medication, you should be of full legal age.