We are wholeheartedly committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and offering them safe, reliable, high-quality medications only. We always strive to ensure our customers’ complete satisfaction with our work. However, we do understand there are situations where you might want to return or exchange the goods you have purchased from us or receive a refund if any such goods do not meet the declared specifications.

We want to make the return and refund process as smooth and stress-free as possible for both our customers and ourselves, which is why we have adopted the following policies and procedures specifying when and how you can return the goods to us.

  • The goods you ordered are not the goods that were delivered to you.

In the unlikely situation where you receive the wrong order, our company is willing to issue a full refund or replace the erroneous medications with the right ones. To make that happen, please reach out to our customer support team as soon as possible, but within 7 days following such delivery, and our managers will help you file a return request and apply for either a full refund or exchange of the goods.

We do not expect the items you are returning to be as good as new, but we do expect them to be returned to us in their best possible condition. Also, make sure you are returning the products in their original package if this was initially present.

  • Faulty, damaged, or expired goods were delivered to you

Unfortunately, it so rarely can happen that our customers may receive their ordered goods in a faulty, damaged, or otherwise improper condition. If that happens, please contact our customer support service within 7 days upon receiving such goods. You will be asked to describe the condition of the delivered goods, as well as provide some details of your order. There are a few ways in which we can solve such a problem, based on a particular situation, the type of goods you ordered, the manufacturer’s policy, etc. Customers can expect to get a full refund for the faulty goods or ask to have these goods replaced.

  • There is nothing wrong with the order, but you do not like the goods you received and want to return those.

You may choose to return non-medicinal products you do not like. In this case, the goods you are returning must be sent back to us in their original package and unopened; otherwise, we will not be able to accept them or issue a refund.

Do not forget to inform us of your decision to return the non-medicinal goods that you purchased from our pharmacy. This can be done within 10 days upon the date of the initial receipt of the products. When talking to our managers, make sure you have all of the order details at hand.

If our managers authorize the return, you will have 21 days to send the package back. In case the return of the goods is our customer’s own decision and is not related to the physical condition or the contents of the order, the customer will have to cover all and any expenses associated with shipping the goods back to us.

We reserve the right to authorize or decline any return request at our discretion, as long as the need to return it is not dictated by the incomplete, damaged, expired, or otherwise faulty condition of the delivered goods.

Unfortunately, the law forbids us from accepting the return of Rx and OTC medicinal products, branded or generic, even if they have not been used or opened.

A refund may be granted only after we have received and checked the goods you are returning to make sure they are not damaged, incomplete, replaced, etc. Until the moment such goods come back in our possession, you are solely responsible for their safety and wholeness.

Once the refund is approved, it will be transferred to your bank account using the payment method you originally chose. It usually takes us about 7 days to do that, but in rare cases, the process may take longer. If you have not received the approved refund within 7 days of its confirmation, please let us know.