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Availability of the Website and Services Found Herein

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Privacy and Security

We take our customers and users’ privacy very seriously; that is why all the information you provide to us over this website is considered confidential and is treated by us as such. We employ cutting-edge security technology, firewalls, and data encryption algorithms to ensure that your personal information is safe and well protected.

Furthermore, we do not have access to any of the financial information you use to place an order on our website. Any such information is immediately encrypted and transferred directly to the trusted card-processing agent we work with.

On our website, we only gather as much personal information about our customers as we need to address their queries, process orders, arrange the delivery of purchased meds, manage refills demanded by the customer, issue refunds when applicable, inform our subscribed customers of any special offers, discounts, and promotional sales, etc. We do not keep any personal information about our customers for longer than the required time. We do not share our customers’ personal information with any third party organizations except for when such organizations are directly involved in delivering the services or goods you order from us.

While we do our very best to ensure our customers’ privacy and utmost security, we cannot guarantee that the transmission of all your information on the Internet is always safe or fully protected. Therefore, we ask that all our customers make sure the device they are using to access our website is duly protected against any external interference. If a security breach by the third party is enabled through the fault of the customer, we shall not be held liable for it.

We do not undertake to inform your prescribing physician about any of the medications that you order from us, any refills of prescriptions that you get or miss, as well as any additional consultations you obtain from our experts.

We cannot guarantee that all and any information found on this website is always complete, accurate, and truthful or that this website is virus-free at all times.

Disclaimer of Medical Advice

Please note that any information contained on this website should not in any way be construed as medical advice or a replacement for professional consultation by a licensed medical practitioner. If you choose to purchase and use any medication based on what you have read on this website or heard from our expert consultants or managers, you do so at your own risk. All and any information found on this website is available here for information purposes only. We cannot warrant that any information on this site is complete, accurate, or up-to-date at all times. To have your condition properly diagnosed, and receive expert recommendations regarding the treatment options available to you, visit your physician. Remember that self-diagnosing a medical condition and self-prescribing any drugs for it is extremely dangerous.

Accuracy of drug description on the website

We do our best to make sure that any photos and text descriptions of the drugs found on our website are accurate, realistic, and complete at the time of their posting. However, the real-life colors of drugs may look somewhat different from what you see on the photo due to the color settings and other parameters of your browser. We have no power to control this and, therefore, should not be held liable for any such discrepancies found.

Text descriptions of medications presented on our website are short, incomplete, and may or may not contain the drug information that you need. Please check other available medical resources, ask your doctor, or contact our managers for more information on a particular drug.

Age limitations regarding the use of this website and any of its services

Only adult users of 18 years and older are allowed to access this site and use any of its services, including the online purchase of any medications from this website. If you are under the age of 18, you should stop using this website immediately.

Placing an Order with This Website

You are solely responsible for any information that you provide to us being complete, accurate, and truthful. If you are ordering any prescription-only medications from our website, you are required to provide us with a valid document issued by your doctor that confirms your suitability to purchase these drugs. We reserve the right to check the validity of such documents in any way possible, including contacting your doctor directly.

If you cannot provide a valid prescription for when it is needed, you are not legally allowed to purchase any Rx medications from our website; or if you fail to inform us of any changes made to the status of your prescription, we have the right to cancel the delivery as soon as we learn about any such changes.

Charging the Payment

When you use a payment card to purchase medicines from our website, you acknowledge that: a) you are 18 years of age or older; b) you are the owner of the card, which is being used to pay for the purchase; c) you authorize us or our trusted card-processing partner to charge the full cost of the ordered medications as well as any relevant associated fees off your card; d) any refunds, if applicable and approved, shall be made to the same payment card or via the same payment service provider that you initially used to pay for the purchase.

Return Policy

If the drugs that you purchased on our website arrive incomplete, damaged, or expired, or if they are not the medications that you ordered, please contact our customer support service within 7 days of the date of receiving such delivery. If you are eligible for it, our managers will help you fill in and file an official refund or return request, as well as offer you some options to get your medicines exchanged. For more information on our Returns and Refunds Policy, please visit the corresponding section of this website.

Our Financial Liability

The financial liability of our online service that arises from our failure to complete the order in situations where we are legally obliged to complete it is limited to a full refund of the money you spent on your order.