My Canadian Pharmacy is a renowned and trusted online drug service specializing in the international delivery of prescription and generic medications available by mail order. The terms and conditions given below govern all aspects of the buying and selling process between the pharmacy and its customers regarding all and any products and services offered for sale by the pharmacy. Please read the following Terms of Sale carefully to make sure you completely understand, accept, and agree to be bound by them when you place an order and purchase any goods or services from the pharmacy.

1. Physical examination.

For all and any Rx medications available for sale in our pharmacy, we will require a valid doctor’s prescription. That means the customer needs to have visited their doctor in person and have had a thorough physical examination of his health within the last 6 to 12 months preceding their purchase of prescription-only medicine from MCP.

OTC and generic medications found in our online pharmacy do not require a prescription from a licensed medical practitioner. However, we warn all our customers of the need to see their doctor for proper medical examination before they purchase and start using any such drugs. By placing an order for OTC drugs, generic medications, herbal supplements, vitamins, or non-medicinal products with our Pharmacy, customers acknowledge that they: a) are fully aware of their current physical and psychological condition; b) have received medical advice from a licensed physician regarding their medical condition, suitable treatment options, recommended dosages, possible side effects, contraindications, unwanted drug interactions, etc.; c) do not consider anything they find on this website or hear from our managers to be medical advice or a substitute for professional consultation from a licensed physician and do not base their choice of medications on any information they see or access on this website.

2. Terms and conditions for placing an order.

When you place an order for medications, whether prescription-only, OTC drugs, generic medicines, etc., we confirm the receipt of the order by sending you a confirmation email to the address you provided to us during registration. We may also occasionally contact you at your email address if we need any clarification of the order.

If the drug you are looking to purchase from us is only available on a doctor’s prescription, we will ask you to send us the original valid document by regular mail, attach a digital copy of your prescription to the order form, or have your prescribing physician contact us and transfer the original prescription by facsimile. Upon receiving such a document, our trained staff will review the prescription, check its accuracy and validity, and, if everything is right, approve your order.

Restrictions imposed on us by law, moral code, and professional ethics may limit us in the amount of the medication we can provide to you at a time, or the frequency with which we can provide this medication to you. We, therefore, are under no obligation to supply the number of drugs that exceed the permitted maximum and shall only charge you for the actual amount of medications provided.

We reserve the right to refuse to execute any order. Up until the moment we send you an email confirming the acceptance and approval of your order, which is when a legally binding contract between us comes into existence, your order is considered to be only an offer to purchase a particular medication from our website, and, therefore, can be accepted or declined by us at our sole discretion.

If we cannot fulfill your order, you will receive an email from us, in which we will explain our reasons for not accepting the order. We shall not charge you for the order that we are unable to fulfill. The reasons for rejection may be different, including but not limited to: a) lack of stock of the desired medication; b) absence of a valid prescription for a particular Rx medication; c) the detection of any error in the prescription, price of the drug, or its on-site description; d) our inability to deliver the purchased goods to the specified address, city, or country, or within the specified time.

3. Cancellation of order.

You may choose to cancel your order and will bear no expenses associated with such cancellation up until the moment the ordered products are dispatched. From that point on, you cannot cancel the order anymore but may return it after the order has been delivered to you. To see what options are available to return the delivered products to our pharmacy, please check the corresponding section of this website.

4. Pricing and payment terms.

The prices for medications shall remain as determined by the pharmacy and declared on the website at the time of approval and confirmation of the order. Other than that, we reserve the right to change the prices for all and any medications available on our website at any time and without issuing a prior notice to our users. Our customers can pay for their order with Visa or MasterCard, debit cards, or via the eCheck service.

5. Delivery costs and terms.

The costs associated with the delivery of your order to the specified address will be as shown on your invoice and may vary depending on which shipping or postal company is used. To learn more about the cost of delivery of your selected drugs and the shipping options available to you, please contact our managers.

When processing an order, we will inform the customer of the estimated dispatch and delivery time, as well as provide them with relevant tracking information from the delivery service. The delivery usually takes about 7 days, depending on the specified destination and the selected shipping option, but may also take a shorter or longer time. If your order is delayed by more than a week, please let our managers know about the problem.

Check the contents of your order upon the receipt of the delivery to make sure everything is right. If the order is wrong, damaged, or incomplete, contact us as soon as possible so that we could correct our mistake and offer you a prompt refund or replacement of the faulty goods. For more information on our Returns and Refunds Policy, please visit the corresponding section of this website.

6. Discontinuation of products and services.

MCP reserves the right to revise, alter, or discontinue any products or services presented on its website at any time and without issuing a prior notice to its users.

7. Restrictions of drug export.

Not every product or service presented on this website is permitted or accessible in countries outside of the Canadian jurisdiction. The import, distribution, and use of some of the prescription, OTC, and generic medications available on this website may be prohibited on the territory of some countries.

By placing an international order with MCP, the customer guarantees and attests to the fact that the shipment and delivery of such order will not violate any existing drug import-export or other applicable laws of their country.

8. Force majeure clauses.

MCP shall not be held liable, financially or otherwise, for any delay in the execution of orders, failure to meet the specified deadline or other disruptions in its work caused by powers and conditions that are outside its control. Such conditions include but are not limited to: a) upset in the operation of the postal or shipping service; b) delay at the customs; c) delay caused by the need to back order the goods that the customer requests; d) missing shipment; etc.

My Canadian Pharmacy will not be expected to inform the customer of any such delays; the customer shall be solely responsible for procuring a substitute medication and bearing any expenses associated with purchasing such a substitute.