It is rare to meet a modern person who would not have heard of a miracle remedy called Viagra. It turns a man, if not a sex giant, then at least into a hero capable of great bed feats. At the same time, not everyone knows that the same remedy is for the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. And I must say that it is in no less demand, just this fact women for some reason do not particularly advertise.

What is This Remedy and How It Appeared?

It is a matter of interest that Viagra was invented by chance. The development of drugs that were supposed to treat problems of the cardiovascular system was carried out. As a result of testing the drug on volunteers, it turned out that everyone who took the drug felt an increased physical attraction, that is, their libido increased.

Female Libido

Viagra is a composition of herbs and other natural ingredients. Its main active ingredient is sildenafil. It improves and makes blood circulation in the genital area more active. Moreover, sildenafil is part of not only the male, but also the female variation of stimulant. The difference lies in the set of excipients.

If men have a stable erection for full physical intimacy, it is more complicated for women. Women’s Viagra has a relaxing effect, and it also has substances that stimulate the production of female lubricant. One of the components is the so-called cantharis – an effective aphrodisiac. It is known that for women, the quality of sex depends more on mood and psycho-emotional mood, that is, primarily on psychological comfort, and not on mechanical stimuli. Although, of course, the role of the latter should not be negated either.

How Does Viagra Affect Women?

The main active ingredient of female Viagra in conjunction with a set of agents in the form of natural remedies has an extremely positive effect on a female body. Since blood rushes to pelvic area, local blood flows normalize, this helps to increase sensitivity in this part of organism. Moreover, the components that initiate the production of lubricant act in such a way that vagina and external genitals are moistened, therefore, the affection of a will give the woman more pleasure. Viagra also has a certain effect on the emotional state of females who took the miracle pill: excessive nervousness is removed; a lady feels calm and relaxed.

In this regard, taking the drug will be effective with the following problems:

  • decreased libido;
  • a variety of sexual dysfunctions;
  • discomfort caused by dryness in the vagina;
  • lack or insufficiency of sexual arousal.

Overfatigue, stress, problems, or even a trivial lack of sleep may well lead to the fact that a woman or girl simply cannot think about making love, and if such thoughts pop up in their mind, then they do not cause much enthusiasm. A number of psychological problems, and even inferiority complexes, including self-doubt, lead to the same result. Canadian women were involved in testing female Viagra to confirm that Viagra acts as an auxiliary solution to overcome this condition and to feel more relaxed or free at the right time.

The level of female libido depends not only on physiological, but also on psychological factors. In the case of a decrease in activity, in particular, a complete absence of sexual desire, the human body requires doping. For this, it is customary to use female stimulants.

The action of the female medicines is aimed at the blood circulation in the genital system. Insufficient saturation of the cavernous bodies of the musculature of organs is one of the main reasons for the decrease in libido. With impaired blood circulation, the muscles of the vagina lose their tone, become less elastic and sensitive. In addition, insufficient blood circulation reduces the production of natural lubrication, as a result of which, during sex, a woman feels discomfort and pain.

What Doctors Say

Traditional medicine strongly advises to take Viagra only by those ladies who have real problems in genital area. Nevertheless, this is a drug, so you need to be careful with it. Those who want new or more vivid sensations do not need Viagra, it is better to diversify their sex life in some other way. Fortunately, today there are plenty of options for this.

Since Viagra promotes active circulation in pelvic organs, this, in turn, makes orgasms stronger. As a result, vaginal walls get strengthened and its overall tonus is increased. The explanation is quite simple: any orgasm is inherently a muscle spasm.

Women who underwent surgery to remove the uterus, using Viagra on the advice of doctors improve their health and make their sexual function complete. As with any pharmacological drug, this remedy can have side-effects. When they appear, female patient will have to refuse Viagra. We are talking about such symptoms:

  • severe dizziness, accompanied by fainting or pre-fainting state;
  • noise in ears;
  • disorders of gastrointestinal system.

It is strictly impossible to combine the use of this drug with nitroglycerin and other drugs containing different nitrate compounds.

Reviews about the Miracle Remedy

Those who have tested the action of Viagra for women is growing every day. And opinions on the effectiveness of this drug are mostly positive. However, there are those who have not noticed anything special. Most likely, they did not have a justified need for taking Viagra, in other words, their problem could be eliminated in another way. For example, the medicine could not meet expectations if a fantastic result was expected from its reception. This drug is a rather effective aphrodisiac, but it is not omnipotent.

In general, women praising the one who invented the stimulant can be divided into 2 categories. Young ladies praise it that after taking the pill they become more sensitive, so that sexual intercourse gives them more pleasure, they want their partner more. More mature ladies like Viagra because it improves the quality of their sex helping organism produce the right amount of lubricant. During menopause, this is very important.

Myths about Viagra

As with any popular and recognizable product, with Viagra, fouling by various myths occurred. And some of them are literally rooted. For example, the opinion that sex after taking such a medicine is a pure fairy tale. Yes, Viagra helps to get aroused, but the source of excitement is still a partner, not the pill.

Another myth is the idea that the male Viagra will act on a woman in the same way as on a man. Yes, the main component of the drug in the male and female versions is one. But without the rest of the supplements, the lady will get only a rush of blood to the genitals, nothing more. There are other fables about this drug, but they are not so widespread.

Female Viagra and Alcohol

Many, on a date with a romantic sequel, for the sake of mood or in order to relax a bit, take alcohol. If you plan to administer Viagra, it will be better to refuse alcoholic drinks. From a medical point of view, drugs and alcohol are at least an explosive and toxic mixture. In addition to the increased load on the liver and kidneys, alcohol inhibits the absorption of the main active ingredient of this drug, sildenafil. The stronger the alcohol, the more it is drunk, the less the effect of the stimulant. Alternatively, it may not take action at all.

Not only excretory, but also the cardiovascular system will receive a double load. For people with a weak heart, this is dangerous, and everyone else faces, at a minimum, an attack of such a severe headache that it will no longer be sex.

Some of those who conducted similar experiments on themselves later said that a mixture of alcohol with Viagra changes color perception, as a result of which everything a person sees becomes bluish. And this result happens both in men and in women who have taken this explosive cocktail.

If you approach the reception of Viagra reasonably, it can significantly improve the quality of the intimate side of life and even solve some of the woman’s problems. Moreover, it is not only about physical moments, but also about overcoming psychological aspects.

What about other Remedies Boosting Female Libido?

Modern stimulants cause a healthy flow of blood to the genitals, due to which the soft tissues:

  • get the maximum amount of nutrients;
  • become resilient, resilient, strong;
  • increase the sensitivity of nerve endings.

The active process of blood circulation, in turn, causes strong sexual arousal and stimulates the production of vaginal secretion, providing sensory sexual contact. The most effective are female pathogens in the form of a powder or drops. Such products quickly enter the bloodstream and are well absorbed, starting to work within a few minutes after administration.

The female causative agent of instant action makes it easy and quick to increase sexual desire. As a rule, they include natural aphrodisiacs. One of the best stimulants is Spanish fly. This product is made on the basis of an extract of the sexual gland of the same exotic insect. The active substance, cantharidin, increases the tone of the smooth muscles of the vagina, after which its walls become more elastic and sensitive. Reception of cantharidin will become effective in the case of a decrease in vaginal tone in the postpartum period.

Spanish Fly is made in the form of drops, which are rapidly absorbed into the blood. The product is valid five to ten minutes after administration, and its effect lasts five hours. During this time, it supports not only the active process of blood circulation in pelvis, but also high physical activity.

Additional properties of the drug are:

  • elimination of tension, excitement, stress;
  • normalization of the process of natural lubrication;
  • increased pleasant sensations during orgasm.

Spanish Fly is recommended to be used no more than twice a week, carefully observing the doses prescribed in the instructions. An overdose of the pathogen can cause acute adverse reactions.

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a stimulant is its composition. A high-quality and balanced composition will provide a lasting effect and will not harm human health. An example of an additive that is highly effective is Silver Fox Supplement, available in powder form.

It is well known for its composition, which includes a number of stimulating aphrodisiacs:

  • guarana extract increases the sensitivity of nerve endings, increases the strength and tone of the body;
  • damiana enhances the degree of excitation, improves the production of vaginal secretion;
  • Muira-puama enhances pleasant sensations during orgasm, exacerbates the sensitivity of erogenous zones.

These components have general strengthening properties. They are effective in the manifestation of symptoms of frigidity, age-related decrease in physical activity, impaired sexual function after childbirth, etc. In the case of regular use, this product improves women’s health during menopause.