According to My Canadian Pharmacy, the number of Canadian men diagnosed with impotence or Erectile Dysfunction (ED) has enhanced by whooping 200% since 1998. Fortunately, men realize that they are not left alone at struggle with loss of sexual power, they always can choose from several options. Aside from medical treatment there exist surgical, pharmaceutical, do-it-yourself methods that can recover that sensual feeling. Some mechanical remedies for erectile dysfunction are successfully applied in modern urology as they are not less popular or effective than conventional medications. Let us find out which mechanical remedies for ED are recommended by specialists.

Vacuum pump

Due to some reasons men cannot or simply don’t want to take pills to cure sexual frustration. Vacuum pump remedy is the next most popular choice after pills. Vacuuming is a proven non-invasive treatment to reach firm erection.  The idea is to create negative pressure to increase blood supply to a penis. Functionality of a vacuum device is grounded on two principles: a vacuum, which is designed to draw more blood to a phallus, and a constriction accessory (ring), which is fixed on the penile foundation to reduce venous outflow. The construction involves a plastic cylinder, a pump (can be hand or battery operated) and constrictive bands or a ring. A cylinder is of enough size to suit an erected penis.

Mechanical Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction

To use a vacuum pump, one places a constricting band on the cylinder’s base. Next the cylinder is put over a phallus and pressed tightly against a pubis to reach airtight seal. Suction is done by hand or a battery until a penis gets rigid. Then a ring/band is slid off a cylinder to the base of a sex organ. After sex a ring is removed to let blood drain out. This mechanical method takes mere 2-3 minutes to reach erection. This method is good for everyday use.


Is a vacuum pump safe?

The method was approved by FDA in 1982 as a safe mechanical method to reach erection as overall satisfaction with vacuum pump varies from 75-95%. The approach is effective in treating ED of different origin.

How long does erection stay with a vacuum pump?

A penis remains erected until a ring is removed. But the My Canadian Pharmacy advises to keep a band on the organ for not more than 30 minutes in order not to avoid penile disturbed circulation.

What are possible side-effects?

Penile coolness, increased girth, penile bruising and pain are typical complaints when men use a vacuum pump for the first time. Later on the side-effects are uncommon.

Myths and Facts

Vacuum pump can damage my penis

A common misconception that penis pumps are dangerous has nothing to do with scientific facts. Actually, vacuuming works externally in a non-invasive manner so it cannot cause permanent damage.

Pumps are not for diabetics and low blood circulation sufferers

Pumps have a special design that fits to anybody with no reliance to health conditions.

Vacuum pumps are costly

This mechanical remedy is much cheaper then well-known brand ED medications.

Constriction Rings

This ED mechanical remedy presents an elastic ring aimed to help men maintain full-fledge erection. In order to understand how such a ring works, it is necessary to know the mechanism of erection. When a man gets sexually aroused, his penile tissue is filled with blood. Good circulation is a basic premise for rigid erection.  Blood comes to the organ through veins, which tighten to keep blood inside once erection occurs. In men suffering from sexual disorders, penile arteries do not constrict enough, enabling blood to leak out of a penis and erection is weakened or lost completely.

A constriction ring is put on a base of an erected penis to restrain blood inside. The ring must not stay on a penis longer than 20-30 minutes. Intimate lubricant can help with putting on and removal. It is advisable to wait until erection subsides and then take the device off.

Constriction (also known as tension or venous) rings are available in various sizes, shapes and materials (latex, plastic, rubber, silicone). Some models come with vibration for more pleasure to a wearer and partner.


Can I use a cock ring?

Any man suffering from erectile problems can use constriction rings to keep erection. Though, there are some contradictions: blood-clotting defects, circulation failure, leukemia, sickle cell anemia and administration of blood thinners. If you are not diagnosed with any of these disorders, do not hesitate to apply such a ring to improve your erection.

What after-effects can occur?

The side-effects are practically the same as with vacuum pumps. Sometimes men are allergic to the material of constriction rings.

Does a ring influence pleasure?

As a lot of blood is closed inside a penis, this may influence sensibility to some extent.

Myths and Facts

Tension rings do not work well

Studies held by Medical Centre Group suggest that at least 80% of ED suffers are satisfied with constriction rings. The method is used to treat impotence provoked by poor blood flow, diabetes, spinal and prostate surgery, and psychological conditions.

They are unsafe

Constrictions rings are safe if not worn for more than 25-30 minutes without interruption. Specialists also do not recommend using such device for anal sex as it can slide off and get stuck in a body of an intercourse partner. Rings are made of soft materials that cannot squeeze a penis stiffly.

Cock rings are useless

As well as cock rings are effective in 80% of cases, they are good sexual stimulators for women too. Often the rings have a relief surface meant to stimulate a clitoral zone, vulvar vestibule and vagina walls.

Penile Vibratory Stimulator

A penile vibratory stimulator to cure ED is a new mechanical drug-free remedy, co-opted technological refinements and advancements of medicine. This device serves for provoking erection in men diagnosed with mild to moderate erectile problems of different etiology. The action is based on vibratory stimulation of endings of the pudendal nerve (nerve receptors) along a shaft of penis, triggering sexual centers in the brain and spinal cord.

This medical handheld instrument uses exogenic stimulation of cavernousal neurofibre by way of specific vibratory frequency and amplitude to release nitric oxide (a natural neurotransmitter) from nerve terminal endings, generating sexual reflexes. The tool is suitable for men undergone post- adenomectomy erectile rehabilitation and those with spinal cord injuries.

Penile vibratory stimulators look like a pair of hair crimper with soft medical pads delivering vibration of high frequency – 70-100 Hz and amplitude up to 2 mm.


Are penile vibrators certified?

In July 2011 US Food and Drug Administration acknowledged penile vibrators as a safe medical device for ED treatment. Along with this approval, the tool has certifications of CE, Health Canada and ARTG (The Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods).

In what time does erection occur?

A head of a penis is stimulated for 5-7 minutes to generate adequate erection and rigidness in most men (87%), provided a user is relaxed, not anxious or drunk.

How is a penile stimulator operated?

Penile vibrators work on rechargeable batteries, a wall charger comes with package.

Myths and facts

Penile vibratory stimulators cause pain

They are painless; moreover application of such a device is very pleasurable as its action is similar with sexual stimulation since the instrument triggers nerve endings, which transmit signals to the parts of the brain responsible for erection and ejaculation, generating sexual reflex.

Penile vibrators are not for all ED suffers

The medical device can treat severe impotence in all men regardless their age, weight and health conditions. Penile vibrators are prescribes by urologists to recover erection after prostate surgery or cancer radiation what proves effectiveness and safety of this mechanical remedy.

It doesn’t work without natural sexual stimulation

A penile vibrator is used in the total absence of natural sexual stimulation as the device is a mechanical stimulator by its own.

External support devices to cure ED

Mechanical devices called erectors have recently been introduced to the ED treatment market but they have already gained recognition and popularity among Canadian patients. Such an erector is applied externally so that no surgical interference is required. The aim of a device is to provide sufficient length and rigidness to a penile shaft during sexual intercourse.

An erector’s construction involves two elastic cylindrical rings attached to a stretched rigid rod. The penile body is placed within the extents of the rings so that a rigid bar lies along the ventral part of a male organ. The penile shaft is strained between the rings and erection ensues. The device serves for any forms of ED and can be used on the regular basis. An erector can be worn long before sex as the tool neither hinders movements nor brings any physical discomfort.

External penile supporters meet the following requirements:

  • An erector is safely fixed on a penis, causing no pain or disturbance;
  • A device is totally unnoticeable;
  • A tool can be used in complete absence of erection;
  • It is imperceptible for a partner;
  • An erector makes it possible to control the duration of sex as ejaculation does not influence its continuation.


Who can use an external penile support?

Erectors can be used by men of different age groups diagnosed with erectile disorders. Especially devices are recommended to mature aged patients with associated diseases.

Will an erector suit me?

External support devices are produced by individual offers. To order a custom mechanical remedy to treat impotence, you need to take your penis’s measurement in a non-erected mode and place an order to a company focused on production of mechanical remedies to cure ED.

Can they be worn with a condom?

A condom can easily be put on an erector without influencing effectiveness of the former.

Myths and facts

External penile support devices have side-effects

These devices are clinically proven to have no side-effects. The supportive mechanical remedies are approved in the USA with FDA and in Canada with the TGA.

It is difficult and painful to put a penis supporter on

It is as easy as to take a condom on. The process is pain-free though a user has to accommodate himself to the tool when putting it for the very first time.

I will not be able to perform well with external penile support devices

Make as many frictions as you want even after ejaculation as an erector keeps your penis rigid until you take the device off.


Since technological advancements are successfully applied to the erectile dysfunction treatment, patients have a great number of medical options. Together with pharmaceutical medicines, there are mechanical remedies to recover sexual power. Mechanical devices for ED treatment have a unique innovative design what makes them be suitable for any man. These tools serve as an appropriate alternative for penile rehabilitation after surgery, radiation or spinal cord injuries.

Mechanical ED remedies are gaining popularity as they deliver the most satisfactory option for men even with severe impotence and are available at affordable money. They are convenient to use and bring no discomfort or pain. But what is really wonderful about mechanical ED tools is that they can completely substitute drug therapy. The devices are allowed to the global market only with the permission of responsible supervisory authorities what warrants their absolute safety and effectiveness with the minimal amount of contradictions and complications.