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How to Avoid Dependence on Common Cold Meds?

The common cold is an unpleasant phenomenon, but inevitable: on average, anyone suffers from SARS 2-3 times a year. The drugs that are used for this can be divided into two fundamentally different groups: the actual antiviral drugs that affect… Read More

Generic Viagra Dosages: Which One to Choose?

Viagra is a drug that needs no introduction because of how extremely well-known it is in the world. This popular medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction comes in a variety of dosages and it can be confusing when you… Read More

List of Drugs for Immunotherapy at My Canadian Pharmacy

One of the mechanisms allowing the development and survival of cancer cells is an escape from effective immunosurveillance, that is, the recognition and elimination of tumor cells by the patient’s immune system. For this reason, several therapeutic strategies are being… Read More

The Role of a Woman in a Men’s Sexual Health

Sexual health is one of the important issues that many men’s self-esteem depends on, so it’s not only a matter of health. In their turn, sexual problems may arise from both physiological and psychological causes. Erectile dysfunction, an inability to… Read More